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Approved: Monster Rally & RUMTUM

By | Published on Monday 16 April 2012

Monster Truck & RUMTUM

Monster Rally (aka Ted Feighan) and RUMTUM (aka John Hastings) are two producers from Cleveland, Ohio over there in the US of A. That’s America. Bonded not just because they both have very silly stage names, they also share similar tastes in music. Having made some headway with their solo work already, their latest project sees them combining their talents for the ‘MR&RT’ EP, which is available now through Bandcamp, and on CD next week through Lefse/Waaga.

In the space of seven tracks, the duo meld everything from instrumental hip hop to psychedelic pop, establishing a distinct sound and style for themselves in the process. The EP is, Waaga’s website assures us, just a taste of more to come, which is a tantalising prospect. This record is great, but it definitely feels like the start of something, rather than a one-off. There’s plenty more to explore in the world they’ve created.

Listen to the ‘MT&RT’ EP in full here: