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Approved: Motern Media Songs Of 2015

By | Published on Tuesday 24 November 2015

Matt Farley, Motern Media

Well, it’s approaching that time of year where it’s all about lists. But not those run of the mill lists that you get all year round now, the one’s which are weirdly considered ‘news’, no, the special nearly-Christmas-time lists that look back at what the last twelve months have gifted us. And the most important of these lists is already in – Motern Media’s best songs of 2015, as selected by the man who wrote them, a CMU Artist Of The Year 2014, Matt Farley himself.

It’s no small task, Farley has written and released around 1500 songs this year. And I know what you’re thinking, that is quite a dip from last year, when he totalled almost a thousand more. Though what you’re forgetting is that there was that month he took off when the first World Motern Day failed to net him $1 million, and also, he’s made an entire new movie, ‘Slingshot Cops’, due out next year, in recent months too.

He also took time to record a more serious solo album, under the name Matt Motern Manly Man. A departure from his usual attempts to write a song for every possible search term, it covered more autobiographical stories, such as the time someone drove a snow plough into his garage. Some of that solo material appears in the playlist, but plenty of his more traditional fare stands out too, such as the punky ‘School Psychologist’ and ‘I Have Paintings On My Walls!’, and the more downbeat ‘One Step At A Time’.

Listen to the full playlist here: