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Approved: Nadine Shah

By | Published on Wednesday 25 February 2015

Nadine Shah

Nadine Shah previously appeared in the Approved column way back in 2012, releasing her debut album, ‘Love Your Dum And Mad’, the following year.

Confirmation of a follow-up finally came towards the end of last year, with the release of new single ‘Stealing Cars’, a tense, slow-building track. That second album, ‘Fast Food’, is now set to be released on 6 Apr through R&S/Apollo.

New track ‘Fool’ arrived last week, a calmly angry song with a chorus that might be pop if it weren’t for the guitar buzzing around it like a wasp, maintaining that tense feeling of the previous single. Even when an acoustic guitar emerges to give a bit of levity, Shah throws in an unexpected chord to set everything slightly on edge again. And, just in case I’m not selling this to you, it all works incredibly well.

Hear for yourself below, and on her upcoming tour dates in April.