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Approved: Nils Bech

By | Published on Tuesday 18 November 2014

Nils Bech

One of the highlights of last week’s Ja Ja Ja festival in London, the three day event expanding out of the monthly Nordic showcase night of the same name, was the performance of Nils Bech.

Unknown to a good portion of the audience, certainly as a live performer, there was a sense of trepidation in the room as he appeared on stage, delivering a semi-spoken word introduction to the first song. Then there was a wave of surprise as the band kicked in and the first sight of Bech’s highly individual dance moves were seen. His Ian-Curtis-meets-Klaus-Nomi vibe was an often confusing, occasionally hilarious, but always completely engaging experience.

I immediately wanted to see him live again, before that show had even finished, but I was unsure how something that seemed so deliberately visual would translate on record. New album ‘One Year’, released this week on Fysisk Format, answers that question very satisfactorily.

Through collaboration with a fine selection of musicians, including Jaga Jazzist’s Martin Horntveth and Serena Maneesh’s Ådne Meisfjord, and Bech’s wonderfully descriptive lyrics, he is just as much of a pleasure to hear away from the stage. His third album in a strong back catalogue, ‘One Year’ explores the transformation of a relationship, as the joy of finding the lover of your dreams gives way to feelings of shame and jealousy.

Watch the video for ‘I Punish You’ (featuring some of those dance moves I mentioned) and listen to next single ‘Jealousy’ here: