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Approved: Noah And The Loners

By | Published on Wednesday 19 April 2023

Noah And The Loners

This week, Alex Lee Thomson is approving some artists he checked out at last month’s SXSW showcase festival in Austin.

It’s remarkable that members of Noah And The Loners weren’t even born when the first Libertines record came out, when you see their attack of catchy riff-heavy stylised, scuffed-up punk in full swing. Because there’s more than a passing resemblance to the godfathers of 2000s garage indie, albeit neatly saddled up beside 1970s UK and especially early 1990s Bay Area punk.

They bring angst and passion to the stage, jolting and fizzing everywhere like the top’s just popped on a bottle of pop. Apt, as although not old enough to drink in the SXSW bars they were performing in, their shows were animalistic, running on instinct and with all the power of youth on their side. In fact they’re the youngest signing in Marshall Records history, which tells you enough about how much praise they’re receiving so soon into their career.

Their latest single, ‘Protest Anger’, is exactly what it promises to be – a raw, sweaty punk track that’ll get you suckered into their anger and passion. Any young punk artist these days should be mad as hell with the state of the world and they’re putting that pissed off energy into their music.

Watch the video for ‘Protest Anger’ here: