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Approved: Nothankyou

By | Published on Tuesday 25 June 2013


If there’s one thing I’ve learned while doing this job, it’s that people like to know what Tom Vek is doing. It’s something I’ve been asked amazingly often over the last few years. And for the most part, people are disappointed by the answer to that question. Because Tom Vek generally isn’t doing anything. Not that he’s willing to tell anyone about, anyway. Sure, he’s managed to put out a couple of albums since 2005, but… well, let’s just say he’s not one to be rushed.

Nowhere is that more true than with this new project, a collaboration between Vek and New York-based musician Olga Bell. The pair first met on Myspace several years ago during, says Tom, “a window of about a week when I was speaking to people over social media”. Nonetheless, they stayed in touch and eventually resolved to make some music together.

Now with some recordings complete, the duo have called themselves Nothankyou and signed up to Moshi Moshi for a single release. That single, the double A-side attack of ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘Oyster’, will be out on 5 Aug. When more will come I couldn’t say, as these two tracks apparently amount to their entire catalogue of songs to date. So – joy! – we can now all start wondering when we’ll hear more from two Vek projects.

Lead track ‘Know Yourself’ is a percussion-heavy piece of wonderfully skewed pop. Do I want to hear more? Yes. But right now I’m quite happy playing this on repeat, over and over and over again: