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Approved: Olga Bell

By | Published on Thursday 6 August 2015

Olga Bell

Olga Bell has announced that she will release a new EP, ‘Incitation’, through One Little Indian on 16 Oct. A very different proposition from last year’s ‘Krai’ album, which delved into avant-garde rock and was sung entirely in Russian, it sees her move back to more electronic production (and English lyrics).

“A kind of personal violence is the main force at work”, she says of the EP. “But it’s more of a brawl with fear than something shell-shocked or confessional. The emotional language of ‘Incitation’ recognises that while fear can be brutal, even crippling, it is also a necessary force for change and, perhaps most importantly, not a permanent state. Its remedy is simple: action”.

The title track is driven by pops and clicks of percussion, with vocals leaning towards jazz on the verse, before launching into a chorus that pushes hooks into your skull.

Listen to ‘Incitation’ here: