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Approved: OOFJ

By | Published on Thursday 13 November 2014


Formed in 2011, OOFJ released their debut album, ‘Disco To Die For’, last year, a collection of dark, cinematic journeys. The pair met while one half of the now duo, Jens Bjørnkjær, was working on the soundtrack to ‘Melancholia’ (see, I was justified in using the journalistic get-out words ‘cinematic’ and ‘journeys’… probably.) He had previously been working solo (with the help of the Prague Symphony Orchestra) under the name Orchestra Of Jenno, but the addition of vocalist Katherine Mills-Rymer took things in a new direction. Hence the hefty truncation of the name.

They returned in June with new single ‘Snakehips’, a slow electronic appeal to dance that only seems half aware that there might be anyone in the room willing or able to do so. That was the first track from new album, ‘Acute Feast’, which is due out early next year. The second, ‘You’re Always Good’, was made public this morning. The track finds Mills-Rymer cooing over tense strings and drums, sounding like a sinister remix of a Jane Birkin song.

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