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Approved: Panes

By | Published on Wednesday 5 November 2014


Self-starting Stockholm/Hackney-based pairing Panes are, as individuals, vocalist Tyson McVey and Flesh & Bone Studios’ Shaun Savage, who hit a dark and choppy note via their four-track first EP, also titled ‘Panes’, presented with confidence back in May.

A distinctly polished compilation from a so far quite short-lived band, it works as a strong show-reel for what Panes can (and will) do, rolling on easily from its anxious first track ‘Bones Without You’, to the lush and languid soul of ‘Dust Becomes’, to bone-rattling, japonais-style R&B slider ‘Choice Errors’, to clipped finale ‘Stills’, which is all tender nerves, needling beats and static circling McVey’s still-smooth-flowing vocal toplines.

They’ll play all that (and probably more) tonight when supporting at Kelela’s headline show at Corsica Studios. Kill time until then by listening to all of ‘Panes’ and also the Tyson McVey-featuring ‘Not Enough’, the speedy new single by mystery mix act ‘Ezra x Dunlop’. It’s the first release from new label Therapy, a venture that “intends to start a musical dialogue between the artists it releases and the audience it engages”, whilst acting as “a space for artists and music lovers to be given the sense of community in a deep way”. That’s deep.

Anyway, stream it -> here:

PS: Tyson McVey is Neneh Cherry’s daughter.