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Approved: Paul Thomas Saunders

By | Published on Wednesday 15 June 2011

Paul Thomas Saunders

For about two weeks now, I’ve had the chorus of ‘Appointment In Samarra’ by Paul Thomas Saunders repeating in my head. Taken from his new EP, ‘Lilac And Wisteria’, the song builds around a slow-paced guitar loop, unfolding gently into a dreamlike atmosphere, as synths swirl through the track and the rolling drums nudge things along. Despite this lazy-sounding style, there’s a dark intensity to the song, too, thanks largely to Saunders’ lyrics and sharp voice.

Along with ‘Appointment In Samarra’, equally haunting track ‘Good Time Rags And Requiems’ is available to stream on SoundCloud, and you can download a third track, ‘Silhouettes Of An English Rose’, via Saunders’ website, if you sign up to his mailing list. Then on 4 Jul, you’ll be able to get the whole EP for your very own. But for now, I’ll leave you with this beautiful live studio version of ‘Appointment In Samarra’.