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Approved: Penelope Trappes

By | Published on Wednesday 10 October 2018

Penelope Trappes

The Golden Filter’s Penelope Trappes returns with her second solo album, ‘Penelope Two’ – the follow-up to last year’s ‘Penelope One’ – through Houndstooth on 26 Oct.

The album’s sound is often cinematic and always economical with its carefully layered sounds – nothing is overdone – giving space for the themes of death and life that run through the songs.

“‘Penelope Two’ was built around field recordings, mantras and meditations”, she explains. “Emptying my mind of clutter, I explored writing with guitars and synth drones, along with piano and reverb, to create depth and texture”.

She goes on: “I spent 2017 being an empath with two dear friends, who lost very close loved ones. One lost nearly her whole family in an accident and the other lost his partner of 23 years, after she gave birth to their third child. Echoing distance, pain, love and infinity – this album is dedicated to them”.

“Deep in the core of our selves there’s a knowingness, almost an out-of-body sensation when a hidden message becomes clear and glorious”, she says of the ultimate outlook of the record. “Love is the only sign telling us which way to go, in a chaotic and sometimes painful world”.

Listen to latest single, ‘Connector’, here:

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