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Approved: Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz – How We Living

By | Published on Monday 16 February 2015

Pete Cannon

Last November, the Tru Thoughts label added a new string to its bow, in the form of Sharp & Ready, a new imprint with the express purpose of celebrating the UK’s sound system scene.

South London duo Ghost Writerz turned in the label’s first single, ‘Back It Up’, in December, which featured vocals from GOLD and Shiffa Dan alongside their own Jimmy Screech. Now they’re back with a new single produced by Pete Cannon, which is released today.

More of an outright party track than ‘Back It Up’, Cannon mixes old skool jungle and reggae under with Screech and GOLD reappearing on vocals, this time joined by RTKal too.

Says Cannon: “Jungle music always seems to be coming back, but if you look, it’s always been there for me. It’s a massive part of the musical movement and influence over here from the 90s and has gone on to inspire everything from garage to grime. I mean, as a country we’re doing pretty well for pioneering genres, right… and I must give a solid nod to all those that paved the way from Micky Finn to DJ Ratty”.

Listen to ‘How We Living’ here: