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Approved: Phüey

By | Published on Thursday 28 August 2014


One quarter of production outfit MJRLGZ, Phüey has just put out a new solo EP, appropriately titled ‘Triumphant’. Also marking the first birthday of the Yesterday Once More label, it coming out a year and a day after the company’s first release, the EP draws on a diverse range of influences from dance music past and present to create something truly captivating.

Phüey’s playful production style sees him happily kicking around breakbeats and cut up 90s R&B vocals, mixed with a bit of footwork. On opener ‘1Change’, this approach sees him bounce different sounds around, drifting off into what almost sounds like another track before snapping everything back into sharp focus. Meanwhile ‘LYF’ taken things down a step, allowing the listener to become more absorbed in his world.

‘Triumphant’ is available to download from Bandcamp for whatever price you see fit, or you can stream it via SoundCloud here: