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Approved: Pitou

By | Published on Thursday 16 November 2017


Singer-songwriter Pitou Nicolaes – or just Pitou for professional purposes – released her debut EP just over a year ago. It showcased someone unusually comfortable with their songwriting – lyrically and melodically – for this early in their career. Songs like ‘Debt Of A Lover’ are the work, it would be fair to say, of a natural.

Now working on a new EP, set for release at some point in the near-ish future, she’s back with a brand new single, ‘Problems’. Again, it’s filled with vivid lyrics and beautiful melodies placed over arresting vocal rhythms – all in all simple but carefully considered songwriting. If she doesn’t find an audience vastly beyond the already growing fanbase she currently commands, everything in the world will have gone terribly wrong.

You can catch Pitou live in London on Wednesday, when she’ll play one of The Great Escape’s ‘First Fifty’ shows at Zigfrid Vin Underbelly in Hoxton on 22 Nov.

Watch the video for ‘Problems’ here:

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