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Approved: Porches

By | Published on Wednesday 15 October 2014


Porches is – principally – the given alias of Aaron Maine, who is sometimes name-checked as ‘Ronnie’ by his long-time girlfriend, and oftimes collaborator, the also approved Frankie Cosmos, aka Greta Kline in real life and ‘Frank’ in her lyrics (hear details of the pair “holding hands at the bank” via Cosmos’ track ‘Owen’).

Having, like many artists in a similar position, released split singles and Bandcamp mixtapes in dribs and drabs, Maine and band reached a long-playing climax in 2013’s ‘Slow Dance In The Cosmos’ LP, which, in case you didn’t know that he and Kline are really a lot in love, will make that fact nice and clear in a pleasingly wry and realist (and most vitally, non-sickening) way.

Since scooped into the bosom of ‘Brooklyn-cool’-label-nonpareil Terrible Records, Maine’s taste appears to have taken a synth-pop sideroad off the ‘sad rock’ tone of ‘Slow Dance…’, with Porches’ glossy new inclinations taking shape in their new AA-side single ‘Prism/Forgive’.

The Kline-featuring ‘Forgive’, especially, is the shiniest starship in Maine et al’s flotilla so far; bringing a Milky Way of ‘Time After Time”-style synths to the top of the mix as his and Kline’s voices dip, sway and… yeah, ‘slow dance’ by the light of the night sky. Okay, that IS sickening. Anyway, hear both tracks now: