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Approved: Ratking – 700 Fill

By | Published on Tuesday 10 March 2015


Rap trio Ratking, certified CMU Artists Of The Year 2014, sneak-released their new LP ‘700 Fill’, the follow-on to the widely lionised ‘So It Goes’, last week via a Thom Yorkeian alliance with BitTorrent. The whole nine-track pack, plus visual and instrumental add-ons, is available at no cost (bar an email address) at this link, if you want it.

So a quick bit of info. ‘700 Fill’ took only six days to finalise and was made back in December at the peak of a biting New York winter. It’s pitted with (and takes its title from) lyrical citations to warm goose-down coats vs cold-world conditions, which swirl in with DJ Sporting Life’s trippy, splintered beats and MCs Wiki and Hak’s alternately rapid and lax raps, like so many one-of-a-kind flakes of the same New Yorkian snow storm.

Styled by the band in this Noisey interview as a “family event” with its gaze levelled leerily at “street level”, its tracks feature friends-to-Ratking like Despot, Remy Banks and Slicky Boy (of Ratking’s creative circle, Letter Racer), and also Wiki’s first lady, Princess Nokia.

This is ‘700 Fill’s closing statement ‘Makeitwork’:

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