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Approved: Raven Bush & Coral Dolphin – Moonglades

By | Published on Thursday 20 August 2020

Raven Bush

Composer and producer Raven Bush has put out several impressive releases through PRAH Recordings over the last couple of years, as well as a number of scores for dance projects.

The latest of the latter is a collaboration with choreographer Coral Dolphin, known for her work with Beyonce, Madonna and Kali Uchis. It’s a soundtrack for a short film called ‘Moonglades’, which tells a story of oppression and transformation through Bush’s sound and Dolphin’s movement.

“I wanted the dancers to symbolise a corrupted collective consciousness”, explains Dolphin. “I wanted their mental dysfunctions to represent the dehumanisation, suffrage, pain and un-healing caused by the effects of systematic indoctrination on an extreme level”.

“From Stephanie, the lead dancer’s perspective, metaphorically speaking, the [other] dancers are that exact experience happening to her”, she goes on. “In other words, the dancers are the pain, suffrage, un-healing and indoctrination happening to her in a dream-like flashback and at the end she frees herself”.

Bush’s soundtrack to the piece was released last month and stood as an emotionally intense track in its own right, taking the listener on an epic journey in just five minutes. Strings build to a powerful peak within seconds of its opening, before pulling back and resetting. The shifts between acoustic and electronic sounds happen seamlessly, but – when coupled with Dolphin’s tightly edited visuals – take on new meaning.

Watch ‘Moonglades’ here: