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Approved: Rebecca & Fiona

By | Published on Wednesday 6 February 2013

Rebecca & Fiona

It took Universal a painfully long time to release Rebecca & Fiona’s debut album, ‘I Love You, Man’, in the UK, quietly slipping it onto digital services late last year. Despite great singles like ‘Jane Doe’ and ‘Bullets’, as well as a solid collection of pop hiding away on the album, the duo never really got the push they deserved over here. Thankfully, it looks like their new material may receive more attention.

Already out in Sweden, Rebecca & Fiona’s new single ‘Taken Over’ is scheduled for an international release at a still-to-be-announced date in the coming weeks, with a new album due to follow later in the year. Produced by Style Of Eye, the track features their distinct twin vocals, ramped up synth-pop sound (or ‘punk-house’, as they call it), and unusually high hit rate when it comes to great hooks.

The video for ‘Taken Over’, directed by Danish filmmaker Laerke Herthoni, went online earlier this week. Watch here: