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Approved: Rudi Zygadlo

By | Published on Tuesday 16 June 2015

Rudi Zygadlo

Rudi Zygadlo has been hanging around the more interesting fringes of electronic music for a number of years now, with a couple of albums on Planet Mu and earlier this year a single through Mad Decent plus numerous other singles, remixes and features.

His latest release, ‘Sympathies Scrapbook’, finds him at his most pop, weaving vocal and synth melodies around each other, over jerky drums and throbs of bass. It’s some of his most satisfying work to date.

Officially released on 1 Jul, with all its b-sides then present, you can already find ‘Sympathies Scrapbook’ out there on its own via all the usual channels. Look, here it is on SoundCloud: