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Approved: Sarah Klang

By | Published on Tuesday 27 October 2020

Sarah Klang

Over the course of two hit albums in her native Sweden, Sarah Klang has built herself a reputation for perfectly translating heartbreak into song – not least on ‘Endless Sadness’ from last year’s ‘Creamy Blue’, an acoustic version of which she released earlier this year. On ‘Canyon’, the first single from her upcoming third album, she attempts to shift the focus of her songwriting forward.

“There were quite a lot of people writing me after my two latest albums telling stories about being heartbroken and listening to my music, feeling sad”, she says. “They wondered ‘when do I let go of this feeling, when does it end’?’ In those particular cases I could never know, of course, but I wanted to put down in a lyric how I felt one morning when I woke up and suddenly time had passed, and I felt free. It’s about getting your own self back”.

The song’s Americana-inflected pop showcases Klang’s rich vocals and effortless-sounding songwriting style. Her as yet unnamed new album is set for release in 2021, along with UK tour dates pushed back from 2020 due to, well, you know.

Watch the video for ‘Canyon’ here: