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Approved: Seiho

By | Published on Thursday 6 February 2014


As with the rest of the world, dance music is on the rise in Japan. And while the country has its fair share of lugheaded “EDM” producers, it also has a nice line of artists producing more interesting music (as found on this recent Progressive Form compilation).

One of the more interesting to emerge in recent years is Seiho, whose 2013 album ‘Abstraktsex’, released through his own Day Tripper Records label, produced excellent tracks like ‘I Feel Rave’, which you can have a listen to here.

Last month he returned with new material, a new track called ‘3D Printer’, which is available as a free download as well as a SoundCloud stream. It’s a five minute journey through stabbing synth lines and punchy drums that, like much of Seiho’s music, makes good use of unusual sound effects.

Listen to ‘3D Printer’ here: