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Approved: Shamir

By | Published on Tuesday 11 November 2014


Shamir Bailey grew up opposite a pig farm. I’m not sure this is really relevant to his music, but it’s in his biog, so there you go. I guess the point is that, although he hails from Las Vegas, he’s not a bright lights and casinos kind of guy. Though, while it’s still quite early in the nineteen year old’s career, I reckon he could put on a fun show in a casino ballroom. Something to think about.

Anyway, Bailey released his debut EP, ‘Northtown’, named after the non-shiny bit of Las Vegas, in June through New York label Godmode. Across five tracks it showcased his versatility and, I have to mention at some point, quite feminine singing voice, on tracks like ‘I Know It’s A Good Thing’ and a cover of Lindi Ortega’s ‘Lived And Died Alone’.

Now signed to XL, his new single ‘On The Regular’, which came out at the end of last month, reveals a very sharp change of direction into cowbell-heavy upbeat rap. YouTube comments would suggest that this has turned him into something of a divisive character. Assuming that we’re putting any stock in YouTube comments. Which we’re probably not, are we? Would kind of world would that be?

So, it’s agreed then, we all like Shamir. So let’s all head down to The Courtyard Theatre in London on 4 Dec when he plays the sole UK date on a brief European tour.

Here’s ‘On The Regular’: