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Approved: Show Me The Body

By | Published on Monday 7 July 2014

Show Me The Body

With close ties to alt-rap pack Ratking and the NYC-based DIY-type zine/live night crew Letter Racer, sworn in city ‘sludge’ trio Show Me The Body are fronted by one Jay Cashwan, who acts menacing and plays a four-string banjo.

A tough look to pull off, you’d think, till you hear the band’s grimy-behind-the-ears new track ‘Gross Loans’, which sets Cashwan’s trembling strings against his bald, visual lyrics (“Cinderblock take out the window and the sheet rock / Artificial bones they walk and never stop”) and off-time guitar groans. It’s as intrinsically NYC as the Beastie Boys, but has its gnarly base roots in hardcore, like Ad-Rock leading Bad Brains by the nose into a tangled snarl of punk, hip hop and slam.

‘Gross Loans’ and freight-hopping song ‘One Train’ will be on Show Me The Body’s ‘Yellow Kidney’ EP, which is released this coming winter.

Give both a look over now: