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Approved: Smith Westerns

By | Published on Wednesday 6 March 2013

Smith Westerns

Ah, Smith Westerns. Looking at the LPs they’ve presented so far, a grainy eponymous entrée and 2011’s higher-quality ‘Dye It Blonde’, they’re an act that are – depending on their choices, flair and personal enthusiasm – perhaps fated to be great, or, alternatively, that’ll just fade faddishly away.

But I don’t think it’ll be the latter, at least not any time soon. Not based on existing platinum assets like ‘All Die Young’, ‘Dye The World’ and the less extravagant (but still dreamy) ‘Weekend Pt 3’.

If the band were naïve ‘sophomores’ at the time of making ‘Dye It Blonde’, then their new LP ‘Soft Will’ (released 11 Jun) is probably going to be a diploma in collegiate pop-smarts, especially if new track ‘Varsity’ is anything to go by, it carrying itself in such a way that’ll please commercial and ‘alternative’ fans alike (and aping U2’s ‘With Or Without You’).

Hear it here: