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Approved: Sokoninaru

By | Published on Thursday 15 October 2020


Sokoninaru’s sound is a heady mix of musical acrobatics, wrong-footing studio edits, and sharp changes of direction. As dizzying as this can be – especially as it’s all played at such high tempos you have to wonder if they were paying for studio time by the minute – it’s all tempered by the clear and comforting twin vocals of guitarist Juko Suzuki and bass player Misaki Fujiwara.

Set to release their debut album, ‘Choetsu’, through JPU Records on 6 Nov, the band have just released its third single, ‘The Limit Is A Moment’ – following on from ‘Complicated System’ and ‘Lament Moment’.

The new track is a great entry point for listening to the band, as it highlights that – for all the shock and awe of their performance style – everything is underpinned by solid songs with big, rousing choruses. And it’s all done in under two and half minutes, leaving you plenty of time to rewind it repeatedly trying to work out what the hell just happened.

Watch the video for ‘The Limit Is A Moment’ here: