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Approved: Solange – Losing You

By | Published on Wednesday 3 October 2012


Having sidelined her surname, Cheryl Cole-style, in a probable move to lose the “Beyonce’s sister” label, Beyonce’s sister Solange (Knowles) has also opted for a marked ‘aesthetic change’ in all senses of the phrase, altering her sound as much as her sense of style. Gone are the OTT retroisms of 2008’s ‘I Decided’, and arising in their place achingly is alt new Blood Orange collaboration ‘Losing You’.

First, look at its video:

Now, it may seem like Solange et al are larking about in a South African township just because of its oh-so-unintentionally-haute scenery and characters, but as this Fader interview proves, filming the video with its true stars, the dandyish Sape Society, was – like many facets of the all-new Solange – a considered choice. And maybe, partly, because it just looks so good.

She says: “I knew I wanted to capture a couple things: the vibe of our friendship and all of the crazy escapades we’ve gotten ourselves into all over the world, and the abstract and elegant Le Sape Society documented by Daniele Tamagni in his ‘Gentleman Of Bacongo’ book. We called Daniele to guide us, and some of my friends from New York came down to Cape Town, and we all had a very damn good time”.

Whilst her first two LPs felt wanting and unauthentic, ‘Losing You’ is a studied mood-board of ideas and beautiful cultural allusions, and a ‘damn’ good track, too. It and B-side ‘Sleep In The Park’ are out now via Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor’s Terrible Records.