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Approved: Sophie

By | Published on Tuesday 10 June 2014


Sophie’s darkside pop world so far is a rather foggy profile, consisting mostly of the odd photo of who he (yep, he’s a he, as I realised having seen him in the flesh at new acts-travaganza fest Field Day) really is, titbits like this trippy tangible interview with J-pop kawaii girl Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – with whom Sophie is working at the moment – and, on the bottom line, his massive hit ‘Bipp’, which many have said/are still saying cuts the ultimate shape of pop’s future fate.

And this is ‘Bipp’, an enticingly sherbert-sharp spiral of UK garage-style babygirl vox, hypertensive beats and drip-drop bass gasps:

And that’s it, really, bar the whisper of new treats like ‘Hey QT’, a candyland collaboration with PC Music wizard AG Cook which Sophie also stuck into a mix for Just Jam, but which was sadly taken down off YouTube. Oh, and ‘Bipp’ B-side ‘Elle’, and a 2013 track titled ‘Eeehhh’/’Nothing More To Say’, which are both up on the Sophie SoundCloud.

And/or finally, Sophie’s official site, which kindly lists every single thing he’s ever done. To be continued…