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Approved: Spangle Call Lilli Line

By | Published on Wednesday 15 July 2015

Spangle Call Lilli Line

Formed in 1998, Japanese dream-pop outfit Spangle Call Lilli Line have released ten studio albums to date, plus various live recordings and compilations. But for the last five years things have been rather quiet. In fact the only thing fans have really got out of them since 2010 was a 2013 best of collection to mark the band’s fifteenth anniversary.

But last week they announced their “restart” in a Facebook post, which revealed a new track and the promise of a new studio album in the autumn, their first proper LP since 2010’s ‘Forest At The Head of A River’. They’ll also play their first live show in five years at Tokyo’s Liquid Room on 10 Oct. The show seems to be titled ‘Evoke Spirits From The Other World’, which could refer to their long disappearance, or could be the title of the new album. Or both.

Don’t sit around scratching your head about it though, watch the video for that new track, ‘Azure’, instead. Rougher-edged than a lot of their earlier work, it still feels like its floating through night time air, wafting Kana Otsubo’s vocals into your ears. Check it out here: