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Approved: Squarepusher

By | Published on Wednesday 1 April 2015


I had a headache all day yesterday. All bloody day. And yet I still clicked on a link promising to show me a new Squarepusher live video. That’s how much I like Squarepusher. Because if there’s one thing you can say about our Tom, it’s that his music tends not to be particularly headache friendly.

Still, as the staccato beats and violently flashing colours filled my screen, my concerns about the pain slowly creeping round behind my eye washed away, and all I could think was that I should really get tickets to see Squarepusher at The Troxy in October. ‘Rayc Fire 2’, taken from new album ‘Damogen Furies’, already sounded pretty good in its studio form, but combined with visuals it steps up to the next level.

Recorded for Vice Japan’s ‘Most Valid Reason’ series, here is that very video (aspirin not included):