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Approved: Suiyoubi No Campanella

By | Published on Wednesday 1 July 2015

Suiyoubi No Campanella

Prolific Japanese pop-rap duo Suiyoubi No Campanella have just returned with a video for their song ‘Shakushain’, which they self-released in Japan back in April.

An intricately created track, it plays off the rhythms of the percussion underneath against rapper Koumai’s vocals over the top. And as it progresses, producer Kenmochi Hidefumi slowly slides more layers between the two.

‘Shakushain’ is definitely one of these guys’ better tracks, but there’s plenty more on their well-stocked YouTube channel. If that’s a bit daunting, I’d head for ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ or ‘Diablo’ next.

But first, watch the video for ‘Shakushain’…