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Approved: Surf City

By | Published on Wednesday 22 September 2010

The first time I heard Surf City, I assumed they were an old Flying Nun Records signing from the 80s that I’d just not come across before. It turns out they’re much newer on the scene than that, but they don’t half sound like some of the bands once signed to the Kiwi indie – The Clean and The Chills in particular. Plus they’re from New Zealand. And they’ve got all the finest fuzzy guitar pop heritage of their home country running through every note they play. Which, just in case you weren’t sure, is a good thing.

The band released their eponymous debut EP in 2008, which caused a little flurry of attention. Now, two years later, the band are preparing to release their debut album, ‘Kudos’, which will be put out by Fire Records on 1 Nov. It’s an album full of instantly lovable, ramshackle pop songs, featuring that sound all the hip bands from New York are currently attempting to create but take themselves too seriously to actually pull off.