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Approved: Syd

By | Published on Thursday 30 March 2017


Odd Future member and latterly leader of The Internet, Syd released her debut solo album, ‘Fin’, last month. With the dust still not settled on that fantastic album, she’s back with new music already. Actually, the new track that appeared on SoundCloud this week was originally intended for the album, so isn’t entirely new.

“This was my favourite song on ‘Fin’ before I had to cut it”, she said on Twitter. While it’s possible she was taking the ‘kill your darlings’ approach to completing her LP, it actually seems that she was forced to drop the track after the instrumental was used by Jhené Aiko and Big Sean, in their Twenty88 guise, for their track ‘Selfish’.

If you’re yet to throw yourself into ‘Fin’, then ‘Treading Water’ certainly tells you everything you need to know about why you should do that as soon as possible. So get started here:

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