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Approved: Tashaki Miyaki

By | Published on Monday 21 November 2011

Tashaki Miyaki

There’s barely a single flawed moment on the eponymous debut EP from mysterious Californian sorts Tashaki Miyaki, whose virtually barren band biography doesn’t even disclose the surnames of its singer Lucy or guitarist Rocky. I can offer the vague and perhaps uninteresting fact that they are signed to Sounds Of Sweet Nothing, the same London boutique label that houses lo-fi ingénues Gross Magic and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, but that’ll have to do for now.

Names and details hardly seem to matter, though, when the listening is as pleasant as it proved to be throughout this dark, drowsy and modishly demure four-track suite. Onwards from the lilting, ‘Just Like Honey’-style summons of ‘Somethin Is Better Than Nothin’, the songs’ sullen spell holds an unbroken sway till the last notes of love-yearn ‘Get It Right’ fade out.

You can stream the full EP here, and view the sad-eyed equine convention that is Tashaki Miyaki’s ‘Get It Right’ video, below.