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Approved: The Erised

By | Published on Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Erised

Formed by drum n bass producers Detail and Hidden Element with singer-songwriter Sonya Sukorukova, The Erised released their debut EP last year through Hospital Records offshoot Med School. Despite what all that might indicate, their sound leans more on pop and rock than drum n bass, but it’s easy to see why Med School made an exception to their usual music policy in order to sign them.

Set to release their first album, ‘Room 414’, this week, the band have so far released two singles from the record. Just out, ‘Even If’ is a slow-paced, dark R&B track, that creeps and shudders. ‘Liar’, meanwhile, takes a different approach, with a more open sound, laced with drama thanks to stabs of synth and guitar.

Check out a brilliant live performance of ‘Liar’ here:

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