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Approved: Thomas Truax

By | Published on Tuesday 15 June 2010

Thomas Truax has been many things: magician; set builder; stop-motion animator. These days he travels around the UK with his family of self-invented instruments performing songs that document the daily goings on in the imaginary world of Wowtown. As we have informed you on approximately 507 separate previous occasions, he is amazing. Both his live performances and his studio recordings are completely idiosyncratic and inherently lovable.

Last week Truax released his fifth album, ‘Sonic Dreamer’, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Songs From The Films Of David Lynch’. The album features some of his finest songs to date, up there with classics such as ‘Inside The Internet’, ‘My Wife Had A Dream’ and ‘Prove It To My Daughter’. One such new classic of the Thomas Truax oeuvre is ‘Beehive Heart’, which you can listen to and download for free at the link below.