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Approved: Throwing Snow

By | Published on Tuesday 3 June 2014

Throwing Snow

Electronic musician Ross Tones has been working under his Throwing Snow moniker since 2007. However, the project’s debut album, ‘Mosaic’, only made it out into the world this week. And it’s clear to see why, with each of the eleven tracks on the record a finely and expertly crafted journey.

The record features a host of guests, including Py, Kid A and Adda Kaleh, but the standout track that really drew me into the album was one of its instrumentals, ‘Linguis’. A mixture of complex chime rhythms and a distantly rumbling distorted bassline, it cuts straight to the heart of what’s great about ‘Mosaic’.

To promote the album, Tones will be playing various festival and headline dates over the course of the summer, including an in-store performance at Rough Trade East this Thursday. Before that, you can check out the stunning video for ‘The Tempest’, which features Adda Kaleh, as well as a SoundCloud stream of the album in full.