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Approved: Tobias Jesso Jr

By | Published on Monday 11 August 2014

Tobias Jesso Jr

Having at one time dated Elvis’s granddaughter (and probably done some other stuff during his life so far too), True Panther-signed Canadian artist Tobias Jesso has been skirting ‘the scene’ for a while now under various guises, at last hitting on the right one with his newish ‘Jr’ alias.

Following on from the softly cloistered, Lennon-like vibe of ‘Just A Dream’, TJ Jr’s new track is ‘True Love’, a song so basic and so sappy you’d almost take it as a joke, apart from the fact that it ties in all the beautiful simplicity, and all the most basic (but hardest to capture) traits of a love song drawn from the heart. And whilst this might be all artificial ‘art’ on Jesso Jr’s part, it certainly seems real.

You can follow along with the piano chords to ‘True Love’ on this tutorial page, and/or just listen to it and ‘Just A Dream’ now: