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Approved: Tomas Barfod

By | Published on Thursday 20 February 2014

Tomas Barfod

As a member of Filur and WhoMadeWho, Tomas Barfod has already made some big contributions to the Danish electronic music scene, before you even get to his solo work. But get to it we shall, because this week he releases his first EP for the Secretly Canadian label, entitled ‘Pulsing’.

A bit punchier than the music found on his 2012 debut album ‘Salton Sea’, the new EP pre-empts his second LP, which is coming in March. Title track ‘Pulsing’ features regular collaborator Nina Kinert on vocals, who slots her voice in between the (appropriately) pulsing synths that lead the track along.

‘Pulsing’ also comes in the form of an equally intriguing remix from hip hop producer J£zus Million, which slows the track right down, pulling apart and thoroughly examining its component parts.

Check out a SoundCloud stream of the remix, and the meaty video (it contains lots of close-ups of raw meat, just in case that’s not your ‘thing’) here: