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Approved: Tove Styrke

By | Published on Monday 8 May 2017

Tove Styrke

Back with her first new music as a lead artist since 2015, Tove Styrke recently released new single ‘Say My Name’. As occurred with last album ‘Kiddo’, it marks another dramatic shift in sound, although still remains firmly within the boundaries of pop.

“I’ve been hard at work in the studio for the past two years”, she tells Pigeons & Planes. “It took me a while to find this new direction, but when I finally found it everything just clicked for me. I love this sound and that it’s quite the opposite of what I did last time. It’s important for me to always keep reinventing myself and challenging myself creatively. I think that’s important in life in general, like, you don’t wanna feel like you know yourself. You should surprise yourself constantly”.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Say My Name’ here:

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