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Approved: Tycho

By | Published on Tuesday 18 October 2011


Tycho is the nom de guerre of San Francisco artist and producer Scott Hansen. Not content with his acclaimed design work under his ISO50 guise, polymath Hansen has also demonstrated his ample talent for electronic listening music, with previous releases on the Merck and Gammaphone labels.

The new album ‘Dive’ sees him consolidate his sound (dreamy and bucolic, otherworldly but never alien), with pastoral diversions into electronica that recall Boards Of Canada or even the sort of thing Boom Bip was doing on his ‘Seed To Sun’ album.

An album of nostalgic soundscapes, ‘Dive’ sees textures merge into one another, fragments of disembodied vocals appear then disappear and synths (or guitars) wash over you as they ebb and flow, all to quite lovely effect.

Released on 4 Nov via Ghosty International, you can hear a taster of the album on the track ‘Hours’, which you can stream via Soundcloud below.