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Approved: Valentina

By | Published on Monday 7 March 2011


The creation of singer-songwriter Valentina’s debut EP, ‘Weights’, sounds like it was an emotional experience. Featuring five songs that explore the hopes and fears of passing from youth into adulthood, it was also recorded during a break-up with her then boyfriend, who also happened to be the EP’s co-producer, Blue May. Despite all this turmoil, ‘Weights’ holds together with calm control.

Opening track ‘Weights In Your Shoes’ is the record’s most simply orchestrated piece, based around a single prepared piano, which jangles and lilts gently over distant percussion and under Valentina’s voice, which slowly builds in intensity. The remaining tracks also feature stripped back instrumentation, allowing space for that voice to fill. It’s released via Little Chaos on 18 Apr, or you can pick it up in Rough Trade from 4 Apr.