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Approved: Vessels – Are You Trending?

By | Published on Tuesday 24 May 2016


Vessels are no strangers to this column, but it’s always worth taking a look in to see what they’re doing because their sound is an ever-changing thing. The band they are today is completely different to the band who played a thing we used to do called CMU Social about eight years ago (for clarity, it is actually the same band, is that more clear? I’m not sure).

New single ‘Are You Trending?’ sees them fully transition into the five-man live techno outfit they’ve been evolving into over the last few years. And, as ever, the latest shift in their sound is exciting and refreshing, with a track that builds into something well beyond initial expectations. There may be a weight of expectation on the quality of their music, but sonically it seems they can go wherever they want.

Listen to ‘Are You Trending?’ here:

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