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Approved: Vessels – The Sky Was Pink

By | Published on Tuesday 20 November 2012


Although generally described as a ‘post-rock’ band, there has nonetheless always been a strong dance music influence in Vessels’ music – particularly on second album ‘Helioscope’. So, it’s perhaps appropriate that their latest single is a cover of a techno track. Not just that, but a cover of a remix of a techno track, the James Holden remix of Nathan Fake’s ‘The Sky Was Pink’.

A longstanding band favourite, the original track featured on their CMU playlist back in March last year, with guitarist Martin Teff describing it as “some of best techno I’ve ever heard”. Vessels’ version stays fairly faithful to the original, albeit played using a very different set of sounds and with the volume ramped right up.

Having been knocking around on SoundCloud for a few weeks, the track is out as a single this week and last week the band premiered the suitably trippy Morgan Beringer-directed video for it, which you can see below. And you’ll be able to hear it in all its live glory when the band, taking a break from recording their third album, head out on a brief UK tour in Glasgow this Wednesday, before ending up at The Shacklewell Arms in London on Sunday.