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Approved: White Kite

By | Published on Wednesday 8 February 2017

White Kite

White Kite have released the video for their debut single ‘Swans’, which is due out on 24 Feb via Ltd Ltd – a joint venture label set up by ex-Parlophone A&R Nigel Coxon, Angus Baskerville from booking agency 13 Artists and manager Dan McEvoy.

“We wanted to have a very simple visual to go with the directness and honesty of the lyrics, so we started by having me singing directly to the camera”, says White Kite frontman Louis Shadwick. “From there, the concept developed from the subject matter of the song, which is all about desire and what that does to people – how it can make you weak and drive you to make bad choices”.

“We wanted to get across that conflict by having the face split into different takes across four screens – suggesting different versions of yourself wrestling with each other”, he continues. “The way we edited the video so that it grows more chaotic and slowly introduces the other three of us was meant to feel increasingly schizophrenic, so that you can never really focus on any one screen and the faces become more and more unsettling”.

The finished video works as intended, complementing the pulsing, dreamy pop that makes up the song perfectly.

Watch the video here:

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