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Approved: Wu-Lu

By | Published on Tuesday 21 June 2022

A fixture on the Brixton music scene for some years now, Wu-Lu is set to release his debut album, ‘Loggerhead’, next month. It is a record that requires your full attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

It’s an album that shifts genres from track to track, going through post-punk, golden age hip hop, nu-metal and dense string arrangements. It doesn’t feel like a patchwork though, it’s still wholly cohesive – the music rising and dipping to meet the message and emotion of the lyrics.

“I’m happy if people say I’m on the punk thing”, he says. “But it’s about the essence, not sounding like The Sex Pistols. I’ve always come with an emotional perspective and I don’t try and conform to what is going on. I tell it how I feel it. I’ve had a sharp turning point over the last few years. I’m going to express myself rather than holding it in”.

“It’s a patchwork of situations that have happened”, he says of the album’s lyrics. “But it’s a cohesive thing of trying to understand where someone is coming from and trying to explain where you’re coming from – relatable situations”.

The album is out on 8 Jul, and if you’re at Glastonbury this weekend you can catch Wu-Lu on the William’s Green stage at 2.30pm on Saturday. He’s also headlining Village Underground in London on 8 Sep.

Watch the video for new single ‘Scrambled Tricks’ here: