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Approved: Zombie-Chang

By | Published on Monday 20 March 2017


Zombie-Chang’s recently released second album ‘Gang’ is a short but very welcome trip back into her world of lo-fi electronic music, following on from last year’s ‘Zombie-Change’. She pays little attention to genre boundaries, with performances that occasionally seem both highly finessed and slightly absent minded at the same time, all of which feeds into the enveloping sound she allows you to wander through.

The first single, and opening track, from the record – ‘I Can’t Get To Sleep’ – is something close to her big pop moment. It’s a got a big, memorable chorus that simultaneously manages to clatter around, she resisting any temptation to properly polish it up and make it more presentable. Which possibly sounds like damning with faint praise – or maybe just damning – but it gives the song a feeling of freedom that would be lost in the hands of another artist.

Watch the video for ‘I Can’t Get To Sleep’ here:

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