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Approved: Zun Zun Egui

By | Published on Thursday 29 January 2015

Zun Zun Egui

Zun Zun Egui made a bold and exciting entrance with their debut album, ‘Katang’, in 2011, but their second, ‘Shackle’s Gift’, takes them to a new level of brilliance.

As with their debut, the new record is an astonishing mash of musical styles somehow formed into something compelling and coherent. Flashes of familiarity appear throughout – some Talking Heads here, a bit of Queens Of The Stone Age there, and occasionally some of that 70s African rock you (I) know a bit from a few Soundway compilations.

But it quickly becomes apparent that this band have a far deeper knowledge of the world’s music than you (me), helped in part by having members who hark from Mauritius and Japan, as well as the UK.

Of course, there’s nothing unusual in bands drawing on a range of sounds and styles to create their own music. But what’s different about Zun Zun Egui when compared to many other bands is how unselfconscious they make it sound.

Check out the album’s two singles, ‘I Want You To Know’ and ‘African Tree’.