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Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner says anti-beard petition “amuses” him

By | Published on Thursday 3 May 2018

Arctic Monkeys

A few months ago, it became public knowledge that Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner had grown a bit of a beard. Promptly a petition was launched calling for him to shave it off. So far he has refused. Not least because he was unaware of the protestations.

Almost 3000 people have signed the petition, which states: “The beard is ultimately to Mr Turner’s detriment. Visually unappealing, its ginger colour strikes you – and not in a good way – contrasting with his famously deep brown hair and eyes. Genetics gave him many opportunities in this life, an iconic signing voice, facial structure that could cut a man. They did not, however, give him the opportunity to look good with a beard. Or even to properly grow one. But God loves a trier and so he tried, and I’m not too sure if he knows how miserable the visual result is”.

German website Intro felt the beard debate to be such a pressing matter that it was the first thing it asked Turner about in an interview this week. Would he be complying with the petition’s demands?

“There’s a petition? I had no idea”, he replied. “That amuses me. It’s really crazy that people are so interested in hairstyles and stuff”.

So I’d say that’s inconclusive. You can keep the pressure up by signing the petition (which I’m sure he’s now paying close attention to) here.