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Artist & Manager Awards presented

By | Published on Friday 27 March 2015

Artist & Manager Awards

“Once a manager thinks he’s a bigger star than his artist, he’s completely fucked”, said legendary Queen manager Jim Beech last night at the Artist & Manager Awards.

He’s right you know, though for this one evening the managers were as big a stars as their artists. But don’t worry, a special pass was arranged for the night, so no one’s fucked. Not at all. Though tricking Ed Sheeran’s doctor into telling him to rest his voice so he had to deliver his acceptance speech via Siri maybe took the whole let-the-managers-speak-for-once initiative too far.

Anyway, it was the always marvellous Artist & Manager Awards last night, with Beech presented with the headline billing Peter Grant Award, while Sheeran and his manager Stuart Camp took the Artist And Manager Achievement Award.

Most awards winners are confirmed before the show, though the breakthrough prizes are announced on the night, with Hozier getting the Breakthrough Artist prize and Jungle manager Sam Denniston taking the Breakthrough Manager gong.

But hey, why not just look at the full list of winners?

Breakthrough Artist: Hozier
Artists’ Artist Award: Placebo
Pioneer: Imogen Heap
Breakthrough Manager: Sam Denniston
Writer/Producer Manager: Jackie Davidson
Entrepreneur: Henry Village
Artist and Manager Achievement Award: Ed Sheeran and Stuart Camp
Industry Champion: Paul Fenn
Peter Grant Award: Jim Beach