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Artist manager Trenton Harrison-Lewis joins Warner to develop and support new talent strategies

By | Published on Monday 7 September 2020

Warner Music

Warner Music UK has hired artist manager Trenton Harrison-Lewis to perform a rather wide-ranging new role directly supporting new and emerging acts working with the major’s ADA services division, while also consulting for Warner’s various UK frontline labels.

With the ADA role, Harrison-Lewis will “devise bespoke artist development strategies, while giving talent and their managers the tools and framework to build long-term careers”. And with the frontline Warner labels he will provide his “wide-ranging industry expertise to both developing and established artists”, working with both A&R and marketing teams.

Sounds like he’ll be rather busy. Though not so busy, mind, that he won’t be able to carry on doing some of that management gubbins. He will continue to independently manage artists like Ghetts, Sneakbo, Jesse James Solomon and DJ Target while performing his new Warner role.

“In an era when an artist can go from creating a track in their bedroom to the top of the charts, it’s essential that they have expert career guidance and advice from people who understand their music and their issues”, says ADA UK boss Howard Corner.

“One of the most accomplished and respected managers in the business and in culture, Trenton comes to us with unparalleled experience working with artists and genres literally from the ground up”, he adds. “All of us at ADA UK and WMUK are THRILLED to welcome him to the team”.

Harrison-Lewis himself says: “So many young artists need solid structure, wise counsel, and strong mentorship, and I’m looking forward to working with Howard and the entire ADA team, as well as everyone at Warner Music UK, to help develop boutique strategies to foster amazing talent and build real careers”.